Brushed and Brushless DC Motors

We are able to supply a range of DC brushed and brushless motors from 10 to 120 mm diameter for a number of precision motion applications. We offer a variety of different power ratings and technologies. We are able to provide motors to suit a wide range of applications from scientific instruments to life science and semiconductor fabrication. For example, we offer a 10 mm autoclavable DC brushed motor suitable for medical and laboratory applications.

Motors can be supplied with gearboxes, encoders, drives and brakes. All motors can be altered to include a wide variety of modifications including shaft modifications and non-standard connectors. Motors can also be combined with our standard products to create integrated solutions for your application.

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DC Brushless Motors

  • Fully customisable

  • Extensive range of sizes

  • Power ratings from 6 to 2000W

  • Configurations from 10 to 120mm diameter

  • Optical Encoders from 50 to over 8000 counts of resolution

  • Speeds to 70,000 rpm

  • Spur and Planetary gears

  • Fail safe brakes in both rear and front mounting options

  • Varying input voltage

  • Multi directional servos

DC Brushed Motors

  • Wide range of frame sizes

  • Low speeds and quiet operation

  • Magnetic technologies from 22 to 54 mm diameter

  • Brushes can be altered to suit vacuum, argon or non-moisture environments

  • Power ratings from 3 to 94 watts

  • Long life

  • Ironless

  • Varying input voltage

  • Multi directional servos

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