Reliance Precision UK

Founded in 1920 Reliance Precision UK offers a carefully selected range of precision components to provide a convenient single source of supply for specialist applications. Typical applications include; high vacuum, medical, aerospace and scientific instruments.

Reliance is a fully integrated manufacturing facility which offers design, manufacture, assembly and test all under one roof. The company works in conjunction with its customers from diverse markets to supply precision machined components and intricate mechatronic assemblies to demanding specifications.

Reliance gets involved in projects which need to have:

  • high accuracy

  • high reliability

  • high integrity

Much of the company's assembly work takes place in its extensive cleanroom classified at ISO 14644-1 class ISO 7 (Federal Standard 209D class 10,000 with localised areas up to class 10).

Quality assured to BS EN ISO 9001:2000 and the aerospace standard AS 9100 Revision B: Reliance is committed to providing the highest quality in terms of both manufacture and service, its business is built on maintaining the highest engineering and technological standards.


Rotary Motion, Linear Motion, Intelligent Control and Actuation

Reliance’s standard product range of motion control solutions is defined in our catalogue. Each product is offered with a refined, considered range of options and associated products, even circlips and screws, all of which have been engineered to interface correctly. If you are not sure whether we offer the specification you need for any of our products then please contact us.

Our product range can be readily modified to support your application. We can combine standard and modified products to provide cost-effective sub-systems and assemblies as well as offering fully bespoke, integrated solutions.


Helping You Make an Informed Choice

Wherever possible we like to build a thorough understanding of your application and wider system design (including the technical, operational and commercial requirements) so that we can confidently recommend the most appropriate standard product, modified product or integrated solution.

Our aim is to help you make an informed choice about our products before you make a purchasing decision; we want to be confident that what we deliver is going to work for you.


Test and Manufacturing Expertise

Our design engineering knowledge is underpinned by sustained investment in test development facilitiesOur extensive test data allows us to offer in-depth understanding of the capabilities of our standard product range.

Our manufacturing capability also helps provide insight into the fitness-for-purpose of the products, based on an understanding of the manufacturing methods used, quality control, surface finish, accuracies and other key criteria which ultimately impact on the performance of your products.



Established in Diverse, Global Markets

In Switzerland our tubular round racks provide a space-saving solution for laboratory automation, locating fluid tubes and fibre optic cables inside the rack to give a more compact instrument.

In Asia our precision anti-backlash gears are used in military applications where our innovative, two-piece gear design is ideal for high reliability applications.

In the UK over 5,000 syringe drive mechanisms, using our motors and lead screws, are in operation in drug dispensing systems.

In the Netherlands our vacuum compliant actuators are used in electro-beam microscopes.

In Switzerland, France and Germany our spline shafts and lead screws are used in liquid handling systems.